Here are some basic instructions to help you get started posting your movie times and posters:

1. Go to the posters page I found for you by clicking here... or by typing in (If you are interested, I also found trailers - click here...) link here
2. Find your poster (click on the small thumbail poster picture in order to get to the larger picture).
3. Right click on the large poster picture.
4. Go to "Save picture as..."
5. Name it and save it to your desktop (or somewhere you will be able to find it easily).
6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all movies this week.

7. Go to and click on "movies this week" (Or, go straight to Scroll to the bottom and 'log in' with your username 'mycinema4' and password (Leslie's kids, oldest to youngest, no spaces or caps)

Click on "new post"



This is where you do your magic. New---don't forget to click which category it is: 'Now Showing' or 'Coming Soon'

10. Don't forget to click "Publish" Call me if you have issues. 321-276-3290 cell.